Наша Мета Вилікування Серця Дітей


"The UGoL training program helped to enrich my knowledge and practical skills and I will now share this experience with my colleagues. On behalf of all doctors and children of Ukraine, I would like to say thank you very much for the great work you do," reported cardiologist, Dr. Olha Kuryliak, upon completing OpCOT training, Mar 2003


Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc. (UGoL) was incorporated in 1996 and is identified by its heart and dove logo and its mission statement: "Committed to saving hearts of children.” 

MISSION: The UGoL commitment is to help children with congenital heart defects in Ukraine and to foster self-sufficiency in the area of pediatric cardiology in Ukraine for its children in the future.  

GOALS: UGoL has established four programs to fulfill its mission.  The UGoL program names define the scope of current UGoL goals:       

v      Operation CHILD CARDIO CARE incorporates two programs that identify children requiring surgery and determines whether the surgery is best performed in Ukraine (over 700 surgeries since January 2000) or the US (over 111 surgeries since June 1997).

v         Operation CHILD CARDIO CARE Ukraine (OpCCCareUA) meets needs of children whose surgeries can be performed in Ukraine but whose families cannot afford cost of surgery. 

v         Operation CHILD CARDIO CARE US (OpCCCareUS) meets needs of children whose surgeries cannot currently be performed in Ukraine.   

v      Opportunities for CARDIO Observation and Training (OpCOT) fosters projects to provide skill and technology enhancement for medical professionals in Ukraine.

v      Operation CARDIO Useable and Relevant Equipment & Supplies (OpCURES) includes UGoL projects and sourcing of equipment that is serviceable in Ukraine and supplies agreed to be necessary for maintaining and improving pediatric cardiac care in Ukraine.

ADMINISTRATION: Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc.® is a non-profit 501c(3) foundation.    UGoL programs and fundraising efforts are coordinated by a totally volunteer Board of Trustees, Directors and Advisors and network of volunteers throughout the US and Ukraine.   UGoL has established alliances with several organizations to meet some of its program goals.   Funds are raised through individual contributions, sponsorships and memorials, corporate and other grants. 

Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc.
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