Наша Мета Вилікування Серця Дітей




Cardiologists Dr. Yuriy Ivaniv in Lviv, Ukraine and Dr. Henry Issenberg in New York evaluate and make recommendations for most of the children helped by UGOL.

Surgeries in Ukraine are performed by Dr. Mykola Konyk at the Lviv Cardiac Surgery Center at the Lviv Regional Hospital.

Most of the children brought to America have had their surgeries performed by Dr. Gregory Crooke at Montefiore Hospital in New York.

Several children have had surgery at HOPE Childrens in Chicago, Illinois and St. Josephs in Paterson, New Jersey.

St. Christopher and Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have provided observational training opportunities for anesthesiologists and cardiologists from Ukraine. Christ Hospital in Chicago has agreed to offer hands-on surgical training in 2004.

Recently the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia has begun providing valuable training to visiting doctors from Ukraine. For more information on OpCOT click here, or go to the Press Releases page.



Pictured below is Dr. Mykola Konyk, who performs many of the surgeries in Ukraine through Operation CHILD CARDI©-CARE

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