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This page is dedicated to the acknowledgement of work done by volunteers in the US and in Ukraine.

Since 2001, the Heart & Spirit Award has been presented to representatives of all those who provide generous support for UGOLs mission to facilitate and accelerate self-sufficiency in the area of pediatric cardiology in Ukraine.

July, 2003 Heart & Spirit Award Presentations in Lviv, Ukraine

Dr. Borys Kryvko, Chief Administrator, Lviv Regional Hospital, for exhibiting the spirit of determination to encourage hope in your professional associates

Dr. Mykola Konyk, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Lviv Cardiac Surgery Center, Lviv Regional Hospital, for exhibiting a spirit of personal sacrifice and professional dedication to encourage hope and to save the lives of children

Yuriy Ivaniv, MD PhD, Director of Diagnostic Radiology, Danylo Halytsky State Medical University, for your generous spirit and work with UGOL to achieve its goals since its inception

April 2002 HEART & SPIRIT AWARD presentations at Annual Meeting, Newark Museum

Ann Kowal
Topp Family
Cathy Marshall
Megan Banta
Joe Pirrillo
Ihor Shevchuk

March 2001 HEART & SPIRIT AWARD presentations at Annual Meeting

Hal & Judy Kawalek
David & Lynn Feeney
Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church
Orthodox Church of St. Vladimir
Peter Tomashevsky
David Breen
Lydia Walychkowski

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