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LAST UPDATED June 24, 2004


Ukrainian Gift of Life to Sponsor Film Festival (summer '04)

Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc. (UGoL) is co-sponsoring a Ukrainian Film Festival with the Ministry of Culture and Art in Ukraine to promote awareness of UGoL’s outreach and International Telemedical’s programs while promoting Ukrainian art forms. Channel 78 (68 in certain areas) will broadcast a different Ukrainian film each week on Mondays at 8:00pm and Saturdays at 7:00pm starting June 21, and ending in August. Ukrainian classic films by Alexander Dovzhenko and other films currently popular in Ukraine, including the award winning films "Mamaj" and "Famine-33" will be aired in Morris, Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties in NJ. The films are subtitled in English. Ukrainian Gift of Life is a member organization of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

For almost four generations, Ukraine was precluded from technological advancements in medicine while it was a captive nation of the Soviet government. Since Ukraine’s independence, UGoL has established several programs to advance its mission to save as many children’s lives as possible while facilitating the self-sufficiency of the medical profession in Ukraine in the area of pediatric cardiology. UGoL’s Operation CHILD CARDI© CARE (OpCCCare) incorporates two programs to identify children requiring surgery and to determine whether the surgery is best performed in Ukraine (OpCCCareUA) or in the United States (OpCCCareUS). Individuals, churches or organizations identified by UGoL, sponsor surgeries that are performed in Ukraine. In the US, UGoL provides support to the Rotary Gift of Life program of District #7490 in NJ as well as other Rotary districts. According to UGoL Trustee Ann Kowal, the District #7490 program is truly an ambassadorship alliance, nurturing outreach to the mother and child coming from a foreign land while arranging for a child’s life-saving surgery.

Other UGoL programs are Opportunities for CARDI© Observation and Training (OpCOT), which fosters enhancement of skills and technology for medical professionals and Operation CARDI© Useable and Relevant Equipment & Supplies (OpCURES), which has provided over a half million dollars of diagnostic equipment, medication and consumables required in pediatric cardiology.

UGoL is currently undertaking a $250,000 project to refurbish and equip a postoperative intensive care unit ("PICU") at a hospital in Ukraine. According to VP Stefania Bryant, "the PICU, together with the training opportunities provided, will increase the number of pediatric cardiac surgeries that can be performed at the hospital in Ukraine." UGoL Treasurer Kathy Kuzma explains that, "any contributions received will be used for these UGoL programs, except if specified for the International Tele-Medical Foundation, a not for profit which provides medical information and related equipment to countries around the world."

UGoL is a non-profit organization located at 233 Rock Road; Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Contributions are tax deductible. For additional information, you can visit the organizations website at www.UkrainianGiftofLife.com or simply www.UGOLINC.com.

Ukrainian Film Festival
sponsored by
Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc.
Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine
Promoting awareness of Charitable activities of Ukrainian Gift of Life and exposure to Ukrainian art forms.
  Date Showing
  8:00pm 7:00pm
Movie Title Description Monday Saturday
Zvenyhora (Silent Film) 1928 film about Grandfather protecting the treasures of the land where he lives. 6/21 6/26
The Undefeated True story of General Shukhevych, a genteel family man who leads WW II fight vs. Nazis & Russians. 6/28 7/3
The Sound of the Wind Touching film inspired by the JW Goethe poem, Erlkoenig, about the journey of a father & his son. 7/5 7/10
Arsenal (Silent Film) 1929 film about the civil war between Ukrainian nationalists and bolsheviks during revolution. 7/12 7/17
Assassination Docudrama about the 1959 KGB assassination of Bandera, the leader of the Ukrainian underground. 7/19 7/24
Gold Fever The title tells the story 7/26 7/31
The Undefeated True story of General Shukhevych, a genteel family man who leads WW II fight vs. Nazis & Russians. 8/2 8/7
Mamaj 2003 Oscar nominee draws on traditional folktales about love, chivalry and the struggle for freedom. 8/9 8/14
The Car Washers Story of a team of street teenagers and their struggles in order to make a living polishing foreign limos. 8/16 8/21
Famine - 33 Disturbing film of a fictional family struggling through the historically accurate description of the 1933 Soviet forced famine in Ukraine. 8/23 8/28
Shown on: Cablevision Ch 78 (or 68) in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Morris Counties


Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc.
233 Rock Rd., Glen Rock, NJ 07452

E-mail "ugolinc@aol.com"